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We are specialized on the Businnes Aviation industry and we are 24/7 ready to provide you the right engine, - outright sale or exchange - PT6A, PW100, PW300, PW500, PW600, JT15D and TFE's.

 On the airline side, we rely on our partners expertise  around the world for

CFM56's, CF6's, PW4000's, V2500 & RB211's



Periodic maintenance are to be respected while unforseen shop visits needs to be fast and cost effective. While you can rely on major MRO providers, DOF's and OEM's around the globe, we have 5 years of experience working on the MRO industry (StandardAero, former Vector Aerospace).

And we have professionals available to follow up your engine arrival on a chosen MRO facility, anywhere on the globe, to provide a follow up on the process, to reduce your costs, and to make sure you will have your engine delivered on time.

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